1. Rock 'N' Roll Universal International Problem

  2. So Long Astoria (Demos)
    The Ataris

  3. End is Forever
    The Ataris

  4. …Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… Next 12 Exits
    The Ataris

  5. Anywhere But Here
    The Ataris

  6. Return of the Super Ape
    Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters

  7. I Wanna Be Your Dog
    Iggy & the Stooges

  8. Die For The Government

  9. It's A.F. A.F.
    Thirst Things First

  10. Smorgas-Borg: A Decade of Sexy Baby Records from Planet Earth...

  11. The Very Best Of

  12. Glory Daze (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  13. Hard to Love
    500 Miles to Memphis

  14. A Pound of Flesh
    500 Miles to Memphis

  15. Weight of the World
    500 Miles to Memphis

  16. Reverberation
    The Queers

  17. Drop Out
    500 Miles to Memphis

  18. Back To Ramonia

  19. I Want You Around

  20. Judy Judy

  21. Serious Issues

  22. Plastic Surgery

  23. The Inevitables
    The Inevitables

  24. Kings
    Antagonizers ATL

  25. Get Lost

  26. High School Rock

  27. Save the World
    The Queers

  28. Cheeto in a Speedo Eating a Burrito
    The Queers

  29. Nightmare to Deal With
    The Queers

  30. Bubblegum Girl
    The Queers

  31. Beyond the Dirty South Valley

  32. Scumbag City
    Modern Day Rippers

  33. Sexy Babies Across the Wasteland, Vol 2

  34. Ready To Roll
    The Brothers Gross

  35. Daggers Down
    The Ridgelands

  36. Die!
    The Ridgelands

  37. Two Man Advantage / Blackout Shoppers

  38. Planet of the Apers

  39. in 3D

  40. Sorry We're Late
    The Lady and the Monsters

  41. Left Coast Punk EP

  42. Vultures Rule, OK!
    Brickwall Vultures

  43. Alive EP

  44. Gimmee Gimmee Scientific Stuff
    Adam Widener

  45. Get Weird
    TuTu & The Pirates / HotLips Messiah

  46. Mono Flexi EP
    The Vindictives

  47. Have a Very VINDICTIVE Christmas EP
    The Vindictives

  48. Mominatrix
    Stat Dad

  49. Never Mind the Singles... Here's the Flexi Babies, Vol. 2
    The Ridgelands

  50. Mominatrix
    Stat Dad

  51. Hate Folk the Universe
    Nick the Barbarian

  52. Self Titled
    The Night Brigade

  53. Never Mind the Singles... Here's the Flexi Babies, Vol. 1
    Rust Belt Demons

  54. E.S.P. EP
    Johnny Murder & the 25 to Life

  55. Save My Soul
    The Night Brigade

  56. Corey Webster Must Die!!!
    The Ridgelands

  57. Sexy Babies Across the Wasteland
    Various Artists

  58. Useless Wooden Toys
    The Ridgelands

  59. I Rode Mine (Sturgis, North Dakota)
    The Night Brigade

  60. Rip It Up In A Modern Way
    Modern Day Rippers

  61. Rip It Up!
    Modern Day Rippers

  62. Sampler (Summer/Fall 2012)


Sexy Baby Records Chicago, Illinois

In a time when digital airwaves replaces the common machine, actual physical art and pleasure, Sexy Baby Records thrives to be the new guy on the block with no common interest to compete but only go against the grain and be different than everyone else. Driven by no intentions whatsoever besides the common interest and passion for good old fashion punk rock and hardcore. ... more

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